Separation and connection.  All my work, whether inward-looking as in 'reflection-perception' or extroverted as in 'political-personal', have roots in this central theme. My work is an act of figurative narration, with overtones of politics and socio-cultural issues and undertones of the personal. I exist between two countries, moving between political and environmental tensions and striving for balance in an uneven world. Inspiration comes from juxtapositions of the incongruous, myths and media and my life. Perspective comes from being the continuous visitor.

I hope that art, with its ability to mirror, breach boundaries and reveal the unseen, may yet be the way to make a difference. As the Native Americans have said: 'We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children'. It is with this consciousness that I try to create, communicate, have a voice.